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Basic Facts About the Venus Fly Trap


So many people on this planet are absolutely enthralled and interested in the venus flytrap plant, because it is considered to be one of nature's greatest marvels. If you currently own a venus flytrap or you wish to buy one for your personal home garden, it really does not matter at all, we are here to help guide you through the process of owning one by showing you how easy it is to maintain, grow and nurture these wild and beautiful creations into full health.


We will start out this blog entry by first discussing the basic venus fly trap facts about the beautiful nature of the venus flytrap and what every owner of this plant should know while they are taking care of it. As we have mentioned previously in this article, the venus flytrap is largely accepted as nature's marvel all over the world, located in the United States of America in the great states of South Carolina and North Carolina where it grows year round, and is purchased by many as an ornamental garden addition or a simple plant to be added to ward off other pesky rodents, insects and bugs. If you wish to buy a venus flytrap, you do not have to travel this region, as it is sent from this area to regions all over the globe.


The venus flytrap plant stem can reach a high of anywhere around three to ten centimeters, and retains the ability to product around 4 to 7 leaves. So many people are drawn to this plant because of the trap, hence we refer to it as the venus flytrap, and this portion of the plant can be found resting on the direct tip of the plant on its leaves. The primary reason why so many people refer to this plant as nature's marvel is largely due to the fact that its trap is designed to catch insects once they land within its trap which ultimately makes it the most carnivorous plant on the entire planet, in fact it is the only plant on the planet that acts in this manner!


We understand that the process of growing a beautiful venus flytrap can be incredibly overwhelming and may require a wealth of patience, practice and persistence, but with the right amount of effort, you are capable of growing yours into a beautiful being. You may view plants here, if you’re interested in exotic ones.